Social League

About Social League

Social League is a local competition run by Brisbane Volleyball Club. We have a range of divisions to cater to all levels of player (beginner to more advanced), and we are constantly aiming to add divisions to cater to our players at each competition.

Seasons run all year around and only break for Public Holidays and a week off between seasons. Not only do we have multiple divisions, we also offer multiple venues and days of the week.

Our current Competitions on offer are:

  • Monday @ The Gap
  • Tuesday @ Arana Beach
  • Wednesday @ Clayfield
  • Wednesday @ Arana Beach
  • Thursday @ Clayfield

League Format

Social League consists of multiple seasons a year. Each season has Grading Rounds at the start to confirm Divisions for all teams, or to help find teams for new indivisual players. We then run a series of regular rounds, where every team plays a Round Robin format against other teams in their division. Each season finishes with atleast 2 rounds of finals. The finals format varies each season depending on the number of teams entered in each division.

Current Season

Season 29

Looking to join mid-season? No problem - just email the League Manager for the competition you are interested in and we will see what we can do!
MONDAYS (The Gap) WEDNESDAYS (Clayfield) THURSDAYS (Clayfield)
21/10/19 - No Games (1 week break) 23/10/19 - Grading 24/10/19 - Grading
28/10/19 - Round 1 30/10/19 - Round 1 31/10/19 - Round 1
4/11/19 - Round 2 6/11/19 - Round 2 7/11/9 - Round 2
11/11/19 - Round 3 13/11/19 - Round 3 14/11/19 - Round 3
18/11/19 - Round 4 20/11/19 - Round 4 21/11/19 - Round 4
25/11/19 - Round 5 27/11/19 - Round 5 28/11/19 - Round 5
2/12/19 - Round 6 4/12/19 - Round 6 5/12/19 - Round 6
9/12/19 - Round 7 11/12/19 - Round 7 12/11/19 - Round 7
-- Christmas Break -- -- Christmas Break -- -- Christmas Break --
6/1/20 - Round 8 8/1/20 - Round 8 9/1/20 - Round 9
13/1/20 - Round 9 15/1/20 - Round 9 16/1/20 - Round9
20/1/20 - Round 10 22/1/20 - Round 10 23/1/20 - Round 10
27/1/20 - NO GAMES 29/1/20 - Round 11 30/1/20 - Round 11
3/2/20 - Round 11 5/2/20 - Round 12 6/2/20 - Round 12
10/2/20 - Semi Final 12/2/20 - Semi Final 13/2/20 - Semi Final
17/2/20 - Grand Final 19/2/20 - Grand Final 20/2/20 - Grand Final
Ladders Ladders Ladders
Finals Map Finals Map Finals Map
Season 30 starts 2nd March
  • Register soon via BVC App
  • Season 30 starts 4th March
  • Register soon via BVC App
  • Season 29 starts 5th March
  • Register soon via BVC App
  • How to Join

    You can either nominate a team or register as an individual prior to each season.

    Getting started straight away?

    Are you keen to get playing straight away? We also offer Casual Training sessions for all players looking to improve, as well as for new players looking to find a team - this is often the best place to start. Go to the Casual Training page for more information.

    Registering as an Individual

    Our League Managers do their best to try and find a team for everyone to join, or even start new teams from interested individuals. However, please keep in mind that this is not always possible, and sometimes may take some time until a team needs new players.

    The beginning of a new season is always a great time for new players to look to join teams, but we do also encourage new players to email us mid-season wanting to join as well.

    To Register: Send an email to the address for the night you wish to play on. If you are available for two nights, then email BOTH addresses:

    Your email should include:

    • Your Full Name
    • Your Date of Birth
    • Your Gender
    • Your Previous Playing Experience.

    Don’t be shy, we have divisions to cater for all levels! This information just helps our Managers to look for the most appropriate team/division for you.

    We thoroughly recommend that any new players wanting to join teams come along to a competition night to check it all out for themselves! Just check out the Calendar to confirm what nights games are scheduled for, and then come along and have a chat to one of our League Managers.

    Nominating a Team

    If you are looking to nominate a team for one of our leagues, please follow the steps below:

    1. First make sure you read all of the information on this page, including the By-Laws.
    2. 1. Log into the BVC App Every social league player will already have an account, so please don't create a new one if you've played with us before.
    3. Click "Registrations (My Portal)"
    4. Click "Register" (Not "Current")
    5. Click "View and Register" on your desired day
    6. Click "Register a Team"
    7. Enter the details of your team and click "Continue".
    8. Add players to your team by searching the BVC database. If the player is brand new to BVC, you can click "Add a New Player"
    9. Accept the T's and C's and click "Submit"
    10. Once submitted, you'll be able to see your teams results and payments throughout the season in the "Registrations" tab. Direct payments can also be made here.

    Email addresses Social League:

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email our League Managers and they will help you through every step of the process.

    We also accept teams nominating mid-season, just send us an email as soon as you know you are interested and we will get you started!


    All players need to be current, recreational members of Volleyball Queensland.

    More information on membership is available below.


    Junior Teams - Frequently Asked Questions

    Over the years our social leagues have catered for many junior teams from multiple schools around Brisbane and have been found to be a great way to give school students regular match play, without requiring a high cost or time commitment from players, parents, coaches or teachers. Whilst we don't run separate Junior divisions, we have found that most school teams easily find a suitable division to play in amongst the adult competition.

    The following are a series of questions we usually get asked about entering school aged teams into the league. If you still have questions, please feel free to email the League Manager for the night you are interested in:

    Team Contacts (Captains)

    To enter a team with Junior players, the team needs to have at least 2 Adult Contact Persons for the team – usually parents of players. Teams do not need to have a Coach or a School Teacher to enter, and Team Contacts are not required to have an ‘active’ role during matches.

    Team Name

    Teams should not register under their school’s legal name unless they have express permission to represent their school in this competition. In the past teams have entered under mascot names, or come up with their own unique team name.

    Refereeing/Scoring Duties

    Unlike VQ Schools Cup and many Inter-School Competitions, teams are NOT required to do refereeing duty on other matches. Teams turn up to play their own match, and leave straight after. All of our matches run on-time, making it easier for parents dropping off and collecting players.

    Match-time Requests

    We understand that Junior teams may not be able to compete late at night. Teams can request special consideration to avoid certain time-slots at the discretion of the League Manager. Please remember that whilst we do our best, we cannot always guarantee this.

    School Holidays

    Our leagues play all year round, breaking only for Public Holidays. If Junior teams cannot play during School Holidays (or other clashes), they simply need to email the Competition Manager with at least one week's notice (preferably two) to request Byes. Please try and give as much notice as possible, and don't forget if Exam Block may also cause clashes.

    Team Fees

    Fees are $66 per team per week. This can either be paid weekly, in installments, or upfront. To make things easier for Team Contacts (Parents), we recommend Junior teams divide the costs amongst players and pay in installments or upfront. We can accept payment by Cash or EFTPOS. Just talk to the League Manager if you require more information - we are happy to help with taking care of all player payments, too.

    Team Composition

    Due to the nature of the competition and the varied availability of players throughout seasons, we recommend Junior teams aim for at least 8 players in a team. Unlimited subs are allowed, either reciprocal substitution or rotating substitution. Talk to the League Manager if you are unsure of Substitution rules


    Ready to Enter?

    Great! Just scroll up to the Join section and follow the steps! Remember to include in the comment section at the bottom of the Nomination Form that you are nominating a Junior team so we know to help you through the process.