Brisbane Volleyball Club Memberships

To play in any program organised by Brisbane Volleyball Club, you need to be a member with Volleyball Queensland. You can either purchase this membership through us, or directly through Volleyball Queensland. For more information, see below.

If you play for one of our Bears representative teams, you will also need to become a BVC members. These teams include: Premier League teams, Grand Prix teams and Junior Premier League teams. See below for more information

VQ Membership

Brisbane Volleyball Club is an affiliate of Volleyball Queensland, and hence all players must be registered with VQ, which will in turn give them membership with the Australian Volleyball Federation.

This membership also provides players with insurance whilst playing in sanctioned AVF events. All BVC events are sanctioned AVF events. Should any player receive an injury whilst playing in a BVC competition or event, they must report it to their Coach or Program Manager at the time of the injury.

VQ Membership has multiple levels and two age groups; under 19 and adults. An U19 member must be 18 years or younger at the end of the year their application is made. All VQ memberships are valid from the date of registration to 31 March of the following year.

Spikezone players require a Spikezone membership

Junior Training Squad players require a Recreational membership

Social League players require a Recreational membership

Casual Training players require a Recreational membership

Premier League players require a Full membership

Grand Prix players require a Full membership

State Championship players require a Recreational membership

Renewing your Membership

To complete a new/upgrade/renewal Volleyball Queensland membership, go to the Volleyball Queensland website and complete their online form (VQ Membership Page).

Players can also complete an online Club Transfer form at the same page.

Membership Costs

BVC Membership

To be able to play in one of the Bears Representative teams, you will need to become a BVC 'Full' or 'Junior' member.

The Bears Representative Teams are:

  • Premier Volleyball League (Premier Grade, Division 1 and Division 2)
  • Grand Prix Volleyball
  • Junior Premier Volleyball League